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Building a Better Tea Bag
There's no question that convenience is the number one reason people use teabags, but have you ever considered the environmental price of convenience?

Our high standards for sourcing organic teas, organic herbs, and organic spices are matched by equally strict guidelines for all packaging materials.

For our Original and Gourmet teabag lines, we use teabag filter paper made of unbleached Manila hemp and unbleached wood pulp. We never considered the industry standard – chlorine-bleached filter paper – an option. When we first launched this unbleached look back in 1996 some in the U.S. thought the teabags looked “dirty,” but, naturally, they’ve since come around.

And that’s just the teabag paper. We even found a source for 100 percent unbleached cotton string.

A lot of thought also went into our teabag envelopes. We’re not kidding when we say they’re the most environmentally friendly holder for a teabag we could find. Simply, the paper for the Original envelope is lightened using an oxygen whitening process. The seams are held shut by the sheer pressure applied by the crimping tool.

To round all of this out, we use 100 percent recycled paperboard with a high post consumer waste content for our tea boxes.

Mail-order customers who purchase our bulk teabags have chosen to eliminate even more packaging, and we support the effort by using only oxygen-whitened filter paper. For those who prefer loose leaf teas, our biodegradable, glassine-lined kraft paper bags were the obvious choice.


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