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Seattle, WA August 2, 2004 – America’s first exclusively organic tea line, Choice Organic Teas, commemorates 15 years of creating exceptional tasting teas and satisfying consumer demand while strengthening sustainable agricultural practices. Summer of 2004 marks the anniversary of Choice Organic Teas’ 1989 debut that brought awareness of organic tea into the marketplace and questioned the quality of existing natural tea and its use of conventional agricultural chemicals. The initial three products from organic Japanese tea gardens has grown into over 70 offerings of Black, Green, Oolong, White teas, and Herbal Infusions available in tea bags and loose leaf, which pioneered organic tea sourcing worldwide.

Consistently leading the tea industry in conscientious business practices, Choice Organic Teas became the first tea-crafter to Fair Trade certify all qualifying teas. Working with college and university student groups, Choice Organic Teas continues expanding awareness of fair trade issues and encouraging a just form of trade with the developing world. “One important reason for our continued success is the fact that we have remained dedicated to promoting sustainable, organic agriculture and empowering tea workers to improve their own lives,” explains Blake Rankin, Founder and President of Granum, Inc, manufacturers of Choice Organic Teas.

Since the brand’s inception, consistent and conscious choices have been made in regard to environmental and social issues. Choice Organic Teas’ packaging currently exceeds the U.S. National Organic Program requirements by using recycled and unbleached materials and absolutely no Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Wind-generated power is purchased for 100% of the energy use of their manufacturing facility. Company employees are encouraged to utilize alternative, clean-air forms of transportation when commuting to and from the workplace. General company policy and intent has always been about minimizing the environmental footprint of the business. Choice Organic Teas has come a long ways since 1989, and yet they remain leaders at the forefront of the tea industry as the market aligns itself with the expanding awareness of consumers.

Susan Holden Walsh
Essenza Communications, Inc.


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