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Choice Organic Teas Announces Relaunch and Makeover of Popular Original Line


Seattle, WA (December 2010) — CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS, the first exclusively organic tea crafter in the United States and the first in the country to introduce Fair Trade Certified™ teas, announces that it is re-launching its Original line with refreshed packaging for the first time since it was introduced in 1989. The Original line, which has been the flagship product for the Seattle-based company, will start appearing on store shelves January 2011 with a revamped logo, new design features, and individually labeled envelopes.   

“The Original Line has been the backbone of the brand since it began in 1989,” says Anne-Marie Phillips, Head of Sales & Marketing for Choice Organic Teas. “After 21 years in the market, we did not take changes to our iconic package lightly. Ultimately, customer input was pivotal to our decision and helped us determine how to improve the overall experience while remaining true to our brand. Shoppers will still find the same high-quality, flavorful, certified organic, Fair Trade CertifiedTM tea they have come to expect from Choice Organic Teas. The more vibrant colors, eye-catching design, and added features on the box and envelope better showcase our commitment to specialty tea, our consumers and our planet,” adds Phillips.

The refresh is the culmination of a two year process.  The Hartman Group provided qualitative consumer research specific to the product and package, and Choice Organic Teas was fortunate to have Graphic Coordinator India Nagy on staff to perform the concept, design, and production. Electing to go with in-house talent helped ensure brand knowledge and continuity with the added benefit of less cost compared to hiring an outside design firm.

“The market has changed considerably since the first package design and it was time to redefine how we communicate the promise of exceptional taste, authenticity, and healthy ingredients while reflecting our experience,” says India Nagy. “Our heritage resonates in the simple aesthetic of this new design. We kept the field of colors that have defined our brand and polished them to rich, gem-like tones that evoke the luminescence of brewed tea. We worked with a local independent artist for new illustration and even tracked down the original calligrapher to refine our distinctive logo.”

The refreshed Original Line continues to feature 26 varieties of tea: White Peony, Bancha Hojicha, Twig Kukicha, Premium Japanese Green, Oothu Garden Green, Genmaicha, Classic Green, Jasmine Green, Green Moroccan Mint, Oolong, Classic Black, Wild Forest Black, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Russian Caravan, Earl Gray, Decaf English Breakfast, Decaf Earl Gray, Peppermint, Chamomile, Rooibos, Ginger, Lemon Lavender Mint, Rooibos Superfruit, and Yerba Maté Mint.

In addition to highlighting the company’s commitment to a variety of certifications and causes such as the The Non-GMO Project, wind power, and the Jane Goodall Institute for five of the teas, each box provides brewing instructions, caffeine content, and a map indicating country of origin. The packaging continues to be biodegradable with a 100% recycled paperboard box, paper envelopes, and natural fiber, staple-free tea bags.

CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS are certified organic, Fair Trade Certified™, certified kosher, and gluten-free. The teas will be available at select natural and specialty grocery stores across the United States with a suggested retail price of $4.69 for a 16-count box.


A brand of Granum, Inc. of Seattle, CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS made its debut in 1989. As North America’s #1 selling exclusively certified organic tea line, CHOICE ORGANIC TEAS has promoted the growth and development of organic agriculture in tea estates worldwide and offers more than seventy-five varieties of teas and herbal infusions available in teabags, tea pyramids, and loose leaf. In 2000, Choice Organic Teas became the first tea crafter in the United States to offer Fair Trade Certified™ tea. Visit www.choiceorganicteas.com for more information.


Susan Holden Walsh
Essenza Communications, Inc.


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