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Seattle, WA December 12, 2005 – The first exclusively organic tea company in North America debuts its newest tea with the Fair Trade Certified logo. Capitalizing on a very close 15-year relationship with one of their first organic tea growers, Choice Organic Teas proudly adds to their Fair Trade Certified products with a tea in the unique style known as White Peony. This new White Tea is now available in teabags and loose leaf in natural foods marketplaces, cooperatives, gourmet food shops and select mass-market retailers around the country; also available online through their web site, visit www.choiceorganicteas.com.

Choice Organic Teas new White Tea packaging is the first in their line to display the Green-e logo announcing their purchase of Certified Renewable Energy. This voluntary certification program is administered by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions and provides consumer protection and environmental standards for energy products. To learn more about Green-e Certified Renewable Energy and the Green-e labeling program visit www.green-e.org.

“We’re really excited about this tea offering. With every sale of our new Fair Trade Certified White Tea, more funds are generated to support tea plantation labor. And highlighting the Green-e logo demonstrates the importance we place on renewable energy,” says Blake Rankin, company founder and president.

Fair Trade certification provides additional funds that support tea estate workers in developing countries enabling them to meet the specific needs of their communities. Fair Trade USA (www.transfairusa.org) is a non-profit organization that verifies grower and industry compliance with Fair Trade criteria and authorizes companies to display the Fair Trade Certified label on products that meet these strict international trade requirements.

Granum, Inc. introduced Choice Organic Teas in 1989 as a line of exclusively organic teas. Sixteen years later, they offer more than seventy varieties of Black, Green, Oolong, White teas, and herbal infusions available in tea bags and loose leaf. They strive to produce the highest quality, best tasting teas that appeal to a wide range of palates and emphasize their commitment to sustainable agriculture. Choice Organic Teas became the first tea crafter in the US to Fair Trade certify all qualifying teas. Choice Organic Teas provides exceptional tasting teas with an environmental and social conscience. Visit www.choiceorganicteas.com for more information.

Susan Holden Walsh
Essenza Communications, Inc.


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