Celebrate Organic Month: The Process of Making Organic White Tea

  • September 11, 2017

Bai Mu Dan White Tea Loose Leaf and White Peony Tea Box

We’re celebrating Organic Month and highlighting the intricate steps that tea goes through to get from our tea gardens to your cup.

This week, we’re featuring White tea, the least processed tea of all. Our white tea, sometimes called Bai Mu Dan or White Peony, originated from China but is also available from India, using the same traditional methods for processing. It is known by its delicate, floral qualities and pale yellow to light, golden-brown liquor.

Like all of our teas and herbs, the tea is grown in high-quality, organic soil. Natural and sustainable farming techniques are used to nurture the plant and the surrounding eco-system.

White tea comes from the new tender leaves and buds, which are hand plucked and then taken for processing within hours of harvesting.

Much care is needed to not bruise or break the leaf and minimal handling is key to crafting the delicate flavor of white tea. After plucking, drying must happen quickly to prevent the leaf from oxidizing and preserve its floral, elegant taste.

Choice Organic Teas’ White Teas come from India. Tea bags and loose leaf are steeped for just a few minutes with water slightly cooled from a boil, offering a tea that is lower in caffeine than black, oolong, and green tea, but highly refined. Sit back and sip the simpler side of tea.

Shop Bai Mu Dan and White Peony.

Visit How It’s Made on our website to click through other tea types and explore the steps in processing.

Check back throughout September as we highlight some of the more unique types of tea in our catalog to celebrate Organic Month.

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