“I loved the flavor and freshness of this tea. There was no bitter aftertaste like some other Earl Grey teas. The fact that it’s organic gave it an additional plus for my family.”

Greta T., Ariton, AL

“I am a daily tea drinker and love flavored teas. This was my first time drinking Earl Grey tea and I loved it. It tastes great and I love the spicy scent and taste of the bergamot. I will be buying more on my next grocery trip.” 

Colleen M., Mexico, MO

“Always thought of Earl Grey Tea as a premium brand and this tea is no different. The tea is not too bold and has a fragrance that fits perfectly for this time of year. Glad I was able to try the caffeinated and decaf as the decaf doesn’t have as strong of a flavor which I happen to prefer when I drink tea in the evening. Reminds me of being around a campfire or watching the snow fall with a fire going. Would recommend.”

Heather S., Jacksonville, FL

“This is just such a nice cup of tea. Perfect taste, lovely aroma, so soothing! I haven’t had Earl Grey in a long time. I’m definitely buying this. Love that it’s organic.”

Madelin D., Highland, IN

“When opening the packet you immediately get the smell of bergamot that is Earl Grey tea. It’s like someone telling you to settle in to your favorite spot with a warm quilt and take the time to relax….ahhhh. Love that it is organic and tastes great.”

Qicha V., Salesville, AR

“This tea is amazing and so refreshing. Had a hot cup before bed and warmed me right up and relaxed me too.” 

Laniey S., Southaven, MS

“Yummy tea. I am more of a coffee person but I love a good cup of tea and this tea was wonderful!” 

Astoria M., Oak Grove, KY

“Very good tea. Was fresh and had a good body to it. Love that it’s all organic.”

Joann J., Turners Falls, MA

“This is a really great product! You get your tea for the day in a safer organic product!”

Joyce E., Lemoore, CA

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