DIY Spring Tea Party

  • April 16, 2019

With the change in seasons and holidays like Easter, Earth Day, and Mother’s Day coming up, it’s not hard to find a reason to host a Spring Tea Party! We’ve made it easy to get started with ideas for what to serve, how to decorate, and tips to make you a tea expert in no time.

Choice Organic Teas’ DIY Spring Tea Party to-do list:

1. To Sip

Are you more of a classic tea lover or do you like to mix it up with herbals and unique blends? Here are some suggested brews to set your party’s mood, but don’t forget to have milk and sweetener available for guests to dress up their cups!

Keep it classy:

Serve up timeless classics like English Breakfast and Earl Grey with a little milk, sugar, and some lemon slices on the side for a more traditional feel. We’ve got these favorites Decaffeinated, too.

A caffeine-free affair:

If you’ve got a crowd that isn’t looking for a caffeine boost, these herbals are easy to enjoy. For a robust cup that stands up to the addition of milk, Rooibos is your brew. Peppermint complements fresh flavors and Ginger offers lots of flavor and helps digestion.

Twist on the traditional:

Spark the imagination of your guests with teas that go beyond the status quo. Earl Grey Lavender adds a new perspective to an old favorite. Peach Green offers a light hint of summer to enhance this gentle green tea. Mix it up with energetic and herbal Blackberry Hibiscus to excite the palate, you can even sweeten this one with a little apple juice for a new experience.

Loosen up:

Tea bags are convenient, but loose leaf can give you the traditional experience of tea leaves unfurling delicately in your tea pot and select signature offerings. High Grown Ceylon is picked at its peak and brews up a bright character with full body, perfect alone or with a touch of milk and sugar. Impress your guests by serving Lapsang Souchong – the smoky, bold taste is sure to be a conversation starter. Round out your selection with Gunpowder Green, tea leaves are tightly rolled and open gracefully when steeped.

Amuse your guests with fascinating tea facts.

Did you know?
  • All tea comes from a single plant, Camellia sinensis, the difference in color and taste is how the leaf is processed and the region it’s grown.
  • Caffeine levels vary from tea type to tea type and can be affected by growing region, rainfall, soil nutrients, and more.
  • Teas and herbs can grow all around the world, here’s where ours come from.

2. To Serve

A delicious selection of light, yet savory snacks and sweet, delicate pastries are essential tea party fare. These foods should satisfy and complement, not overpower the star the party: tea!

Here are some tea-centric treats we’d serve:


3. Table setting and décor:

  • For serving and sipping: Head to the thrift store to find your table decorations! Vintage tea cups complete the feeling of an authentic experience and offer unique talking points. The more mismatched the better. Keep in mind: You’ll need a small plate, tea cup, and saucer for each guest.
  • Decorations: Spring flowers like daffodils, tulips, even branches with blossoms can make eye-catching center pieces. Round it out with a natural fiber or thrifted table cloth and napkins to keep it earth-friendly.

4. Steep a Perfect Cup

Once you’ve settled on what you’re serving, you’ve got to know how to brew the teas properly. Here’s a helpful chart to guide the way:

Note: Chart below indicates time and temperature per single serving: 1 tea bag or 1 tsp loose leaf in 8 oz of water. Determine your number of guests and adjust the measurements as needed.

Chart of brew times and temperatures for various tea types

Make it iced:
Too warm to sip hot teas? Create an iced tea bar with fresh fruit slices, fruit juices, and simple syrups. We love this Watermelon Green Iced Tea.

Get our tips for making perfect iced tea

5. Parting Gifts

Photo: Amina Touray and Pretty Little Shoppers

A good host doesn’t let their guests go home empty handed. Keepsakes will help make the occasion memorable and can also be useful for years to come.

Our suggestion: Gift them their tea cup and saucer with a selection of what you served.




With this simple guide, you’re on your way to an unforgettable event. Be sure to share your favorite tea party tips with us in the comments and any photos of your Spring Tea Party with us on social media.

Happy Sipping!

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