Eric on Fair Trade and More

  • June 14, 2010

While we were at Natural Products Expo West, our Head of Purchasing, Production and Certification Eric Ring had a chat with our friends over at TransFair USA. He had some great things to say about Fair Trade and our efforts here at Choice Organic Teas – give him a listen!


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  • Just wanted to tell you I have been consuming Organic Choice Teas everyday for many years, I worked for WFM for about 15 years and started drinking it there. I have never had a cup of coffee in my 55 years, not for any other reason but I just hate the coffee taste! Anyway, I was researching caffiene amounts and ran across your web site.

    Thank you for all your wonderful teas I have enjoyed through out the years, and thank you for keeping the price point reasonable, I love it~ Best regards, Marilyn

    Marilyn — July 9, 2010 at 8:12 am

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