Fair Trade Teas for Your Valentine

  • February 11, 2019

Show your valentine where your heart really is. When you give them Fair Trade Certified™ teas, you’re not only giving a gift of self-care, warm comfort, and delicious tea, you’re gifting workers around the world fair wages, education, and the empowerment to use Fair Trade funds for the betterment of their communities. As the first tea company in the U.S. to source Fair Trade Certified tea, prioritizing the health of people and the planet has always been a part of a mission close to our heart.

With one of the most extensive collections of Fair Trade Certified™ teas and herbs available, we’ve got a special selection certain to charm any personality. Here are our picks for some of our favorite tea-loving types.

For the discerning tea connoisseur…

High Grown Ceylon, OP Loose Leaf
Want to impress a person with refined taste buds? Look no further than our High Grown Ceylon. Full-bodied with bright character and flavor notes of citrus and eucalyptus.
Unbroken Orange Pekoe tea leaves are picked at peak season from high elevation gardens in the Uva district of Sri Lanka. Not only does this region produce some of the finest black teas available, the biodynamic tea garden is Fair Trade Certified and utilizes funds for medical camps, optical care, a cultural center, and for basic home and school needs.

For the wellness enthusiast…

Shiitake Oolong Mushroom Wellness Tea**
Wow the health-conscious person in your life with whole-body support in a tea bag.** Mushrooms have been used for centuries as medicine for their immune supporting properties.** Our Shiitake Oolong combines shiitake mushrooms, smoky lapsang souchong, and oolong tea to stimulate metabolism and encourage normal immunity.** Eleuthero root and ashwagandha support endurance and a balanced stress response.**
The lapsang souchong and oolong teas in this blend are from Fair Trade Certified tea gardens in India and China. Fair Trade premiums contribute to community buildings, scholarships, computer centers, and more in these regions.

For the beauty buff…

Beauty Detox Wellness Tea**
Does your special someone have an elaborate beauty regimen or are they more of a “keep it simple” type? Beauty Detox** fits in perfectly with any routine. Aromatic jasmine green tea supports skin health.** Burdock root detoxifies and aids liver function to promote clear skin from the inside out.** Chamomile calms sensitive skin and adds a subtle sweetness.**
Fair Trade jasmine green tea comes from Da Zhang Shan tea garden in the Wuyuan Mountains of China. As one of the first members of the International Fairtrade Label Organization, Da Zhang Shan is an association of farmers, technicians, and processors that focuses on improving working conditions and funding children’s education.

For the every day sipper…

Black Tea Value Pack
Give them what they really want… a whole lot of delicious tea! Our Black Tea Value Pack is perfect for the tea lover who never goes a day without their cuppa. With brisk, bright character, it’s delightful with milk and shines without.
This tea comes from the Western Ghats of India, one of the most biodiverse regions of the planet. The Oothu Estate was the first organic and the first Fair Trade Certified™ tea garden in India. Fair Trade premiums have funded insurance policies, a computer center, and a funeral fund for workers. In addition to producing exquisite Fair Trade tea, the estate is home to a wildlife preserve, maintaining greenbelts that allow the safe passage of tigers and other animals to the neighboring Kalakad Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary.

For the adventurous palate…

Earl Grey Lavender Gourmet Teas
Does your special someone like to defy the conventional? Earl Grey Lavender is the perfect blend of tea tradition with a delightful twist. Lavender complements the aromatic bergamot oil and creates a unique, elegant experience on the road less traveled.
Bold Assam black tea is combined with smooth Ceylon to craft the characteristic Earl Grey base. The Sewpur Estate in Assam maintains gardens on the bank of the Brahaputra River. Fair Trade premiums are used for home improvements, modern cooking stoves, and programs enriching the community for workers and their families.

For the one who’s kicking caffeine…

Rooibos Original Tea
Sipped for centuries as the official drink of South Africa, Rooibos offers a full-bodied cup without the caffeine. Russet-hued with a richness that suggests vanilla and honey, it’s a wonderful brew for any tea lover.
Our Rooibos is grown at Oudam Farm in the Cedarburg Mountains of South Africa. This Fair Trade Certified™ farm has a democratically elected committee that was formed to direct and manage Fair Trade premiums. Premiums are used for everything from school and nursery fees, to adult education, computers for online learning, and community projects.

Looking for more information about our Organic, Fair Trade tea and herb growing regions? Use our Where It Comes From map to explore a world of tea.

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