“Green” Tea and Fun Times at the Green Festival

  • April 10, 2009

We here at Choice Organic Teas love the Green Festivals™. They’re a great way to experience what’s going on in the eco-friendly world, and they do a great job of connecting people to eco-friendly products, ideas, and companies. We’ve attended Green Festivals around the country, and we were very pleased to attend the second annual Green Festival in our own backyard at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle.

Emma and Anne-Marie serving teaWhen an event is local like the Green Festival, we invite staff from all over the office to come and help out in the booth. It’s a great chance for everyone to meet our customers and fans. Since we don’t have a regular store open to the public, these events let us connect with the public in ways that we don’t normally get a chance to experience. We love hearing how much people appreciate our teas – it reaffirms our commitment to provide high quality affordable tea while being a socially and environmentally responsible tea company. Chatting about tea

Those that came over to our booth got to try an assortment of different teas, including our brand-new Whole Leaf Organics line. Many were experiencing these new teas in biodegradable pyramids for the first time, so it was fun to show them off to new fans. We also brewed up a special treat – iced tea made simply with our Northwest Blackberry! Now that summer approaches we wanted to show folks how well our teas work as iced tea, and judging by the reactions it was a big success. Look for more advice around here about iced tea as the winter finally gives way to spring.

Abby and Rod survey the sceneWe hope that everyone who came out to the Green Festival enjoyed it as much as we did here. We served over 3,000 samples at the event, and gave away more than 2,000 samples for people to try at home. Check back in the future to see where else we go!

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  • Mmmm. This sounds tasty. I know how people are loathe to draw parallels between the two, but I do some coffee coverage on my blog. What I would LOVE to do however, is jump into the tea culture and learn as much as I can.

    I find it difficult, though- not for lack of enthusiasm, but purely on the basis that in Seattle, good-quality loose, whole-leaf tea suppliers are harder to find for the tea layperson. Ready access would be fantastic in Seattle.

    Ambrosio Agustin — April 10, 2009 at 9:30 pm

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