Happy Earth Day!

  • April 22, 2009

Here at Choice Organic Teas, we believe every day should be treated as Earth Day, but we always feel a little extra-excited when this day comes around because it offers a chance to celebrate our connection to this wonderful planet and our commitments to preserving our home. There are so many wonderful people and events going on that are truly inspiring.

earthday-graphic-21This weekend, I (India, the graphics coordinator) chose to honor Earth Day by pitching in on a local project with the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition. This group, together with Duwamish Alive! Coalition, coordinates two yearly multi-site habitat restoration work parties within South Seattle’s Duwamish watershed, one of the most polluted sites in the country, to restore health to the river and protect the fishermen, wildlife, and families who live on the Duwamish river, as well as the greater community within Seattle.

On Saturday, the event drew over 1,000 volunteers working at 12 different sites. I worked at the Maple School Natural Area on Beacon Hill and we probably had about 40 folks there. The work was hard, but rewarding – we raked huge piles of blackberry branches, mulched and planted an array of native plants, and up-rooted troublesome non-native ivy. The weather was dry and mild and spirits were high. After 4 hours, we had made some real, noticeable progress. At the end of the event, I had a chance to meet some great folks while enjoying a cup of Classic Blend Green Tea offered at the volunteers’ tent. Yum, nothing like a cup of tea after some hard work communing with the soil!

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  • Hi India,
    Glad to hear that Choice Teas folks care about the earth. Tthanks for your volunteering efforts.

    The other day I poured a little of my left over, cooled, (Choice, Himalaya Green) tea into a glass of lemonade. It was diet lemonade, and not very satisfying, UNTIL I added tea—what a difference! Such a yummy treat, it’s my new favorite. I know I’ll enjoy it a lot as summer brings on the hot weather. The color is even intriguing. My writing group is getting a pitcher of this the next time they are here. Lynn

    Lynn Pattison — April 25, 2009 at 9:37 pm

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