Happy Matcha Day

  • April 7, 2009

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day (and our new Matcha — Green Tea Powder) we had an office-wide matcha bake-off. While baking with green tea isn’t specifically Irish, the delicious, bright-green treats made the day seem particularly festive. And the Irish are tea lovers at heart, after all — we’ve got our Irish Breakfast tea as proof of that!

Vicky's lemon pudding cake

Vicky’s lemon pudding cake

Linda's cake

Linda’s cake

We had so many fantastic goodies that it was almost hard to eat them all. Matcha is such a versatile ingredient and it was a delight to see how many desserts could be made. There were a few cakes: Vicky, in accounting, made a lemon pudding cake, Linda, one of our Customer Service Reps, made a pair of delicious round cakes with strawberries on top, I made a vanilla and matcha cake with coconut milk, and Julie, one of our Production Managers, made a fantastic multi-layered chocolate cake with matcha frosting.

India's cupcakes

India’s cupcakes

Tiffiny's gluten-free rice treats

Tiffiny’s gluten-free rice treats

India, our Graphics Coordinator made adorable and tasty cupcakes, while Tiffiny, Assistant to the Head of Operations, dusted some truffles with matcha for a kick of green tea and chocolate and also made some wonderful gluten-free matcha rice treats.
Everyone in the office, dressed in their best green, came and gathered around to taste. It was a fun way to relax, share, and celebrate our brand-new tea. Sláinte!

The Choice Organic Teas Team

The Choice Organic Teas Team

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