More Than a Delicious Cup

  • March 19, 2019

For over seven years we’ve partnered with WaterAid to bring its mission of clean water for everyone, everywhere, to the forefront. During the month of March, 20¢ of every tea purchase made in our online store is donated to WaterAid. With local offices around the world, they work with governments and decision-makers to speed up the progress of delivering access to clean water, decent toilets, and good hygiene. WaterAid utilizes practical technologies and  educates community members to become technicians, mechanics, and builders to enable them to continue the good work after their teams have left.

Empowering Women

Emerging from WaterAid’s efforts is the empowerment of women who have been given a path of independence and entrepreneurship through clean water access and infrastructure. As tea lovers we know clean, pure water is key to brewing a delicious cup, but for Josna, who owns a tea stall in Bangladesh with her husband, as well as her community, a safe water source has not always been readily accessible. Lack of clean water can cause illness and even death, and over 844 million people worldwide still do not have access to this necessity.

Josna Biswas poses for a photograph after collecting water from the ATM machine at Chalna Bazar, Dacope, Khulna. Photo: Abir Abdullah/WaterAid

A WaterAid project in Bangladesh built clean water ATMs for communities to access for personal and business use. Before the water ATMs, the village’s water source was a pond nearby. The pond was unsanitary, causing people to fall ill with stomach pains, diarrhea, and skin issues. Because Josna’s tea was brewed from the pond water, people were reluctant to buy from her stand. After the ATMs the were installed, the village gained easier access to pure drinking water and Josna’s tea stall now used a healthy, pure source of water to brew with. The improved quality of water has gained her more customers, increasing profits and success for her family.

Josna, her husband, and daughter in front of their tea stall at Chalna Bazar, Dacope, Khulna. Photo: Abir Abdullah/WaterAid

“After the ATM has come, the biggest help I’ve got is I get to drink clean water and not only for me but for my entire family because I’ve never had cleaner or purer water than what we receive in the ATM so that’s been the biggest change in my life,” said Josna.

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