Reishi Detox** is a Winner!

  • May 7, 2018
Award winning Reishi Detox** and the silver sofi™ trophy.

Award winning Reishi Detox** and the silver sofi™ trophy.

Reishi Detox** takes the silver sofi™ Award!

The judges have spoken! Reishi Detox** has earned the silver sofi™ Award in the Hot Beverage category from the Specialty Food Association!

A panel of food experts including chefs, writers, and educators, blindly evaluated over 3,000 entries in 39 categories to find the best of the best in the specialty food industry. Reishi Detox** earned its silver as a new and exciting product paving the way for the next trends in food and beverage, based on merits of taste, ingredient quality, and innovation.

Innovation: Reishi Detox** is part of the Mushroom Wellness Teas** collection, one of the first of its kind available in the grocery store. Reishi mushroom has long been used across cultures as traditional medicine for its immune supporting properties and antioxidants.** Complementary herbs like dandelion and burdock root are added to aid detoxification while cacao and carob lend flavorful chocolate notes.**

Taste: Chocolately with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla, you’d never know it was a wellness tea!** Sipping this luscious beverage will make you (almost) forget about that chocolate bar.

Quality: Choice Organic Teas has been sourcing high-quality, organic teas and herbs since 1989. Forging long-standing relationships with ingredient suppliers and utilizing third party certifiers to verify that our ingredients meet the standards for organic, Fair Trade, and Non-GMO designation.

Integrity: Crafted in partnership with Bastyr University, the nation’s leading natural health university, Reishi Detox** alongside the rest of the Wellness Teas** collection, were created not only with flavor in mind, but with functionality at the forefront.

See sofi™ judges announce the Hot Beverage category winners, watch the excitement of our acceptance video, and read the official press release.

Have you tried our Reishi Detox** or any of our other Mushroom Wellness Teas yet?

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