Six Teas to Sip in the New Year

  • January 8, 2019

January is a time of fresh starts and setting the tone for the year to come. Are you looking to travel more? Eat less sugar? Read a new book? Learn a new skill? Maybe you simply want to drink more tea!

No matter what your resolution, we’ve got teas to inspire and motivate. Here’s what we’re sipping in 2019:

Shiitake Oolong
Have you tasted our latest tea? It’s savory and stimulating with a bonus boost of immune supporting goodness.** Shiitake mushrooms encourage normal immunity and stimulate metabolism while eleuthero root and ashwagandha support endurance and a balanced stress response.** Oolong and lapsang souchong teas give a lift of energy to propel you into the new year.


English Breakfast
Embrace the tea time tradition and create a ritual of daily meditation and reflection. A blend of brisk Assam and smooth Ceylon teas make a balanced afternoon pick-me- up.  Add a dash of milk and sugar to make it a real British treat.


Licorice Mint
Find a new favorite in this unique and soothing combination. Licorice root provides a light sugar-free sweetness while peppermint offers eye-opening freshness. If you’re avoiding caffeine, this herbal infusion will uplift without keeping you up at night.


Reishi Detox**
Cleanse your body of last year’s toxins and replenish with purifying herbs and mushrooms.** Reishi mushrooms support healthy immunity and provide antioxidants to maintain your body’s natural defenses.** Cacao and carob add a chocolatey richness that satisfies sweet treat cravings.


Jasmine Green
Perfect for a time of growth and reflection, delicate jasmine buds bloom overnight to transform Chinese green tea. When the blossoms are removed, the scent of the jasmine is left on the leaves, creating aromatic tranquility in your cup.


Peach Green
Get to planning a getaway while you sip this fragrant, fruit-kissed tea. The light energy of green tea and sweet scent of peach will fuel your wanderlust, inspiring adventures that clear the mind and feed the soul.



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