Spring Flowers: Jasmine Green Scented Tea

  • April 20, 2009

One of my favorite teas to serve to friends and customers is Jasmine Green. The exquisite scent of jasmine flowers always draws a crowd, and even those who claim not to like green tea are charmed by the taste and aroma. Serving jasmine green tea also gives me a chance to talk about how it’s made – one of my favorite processes involved in the making of tea. No flavorings are used. All that aroma and taste comes simply from the flowers.jasmineflower

The art of scenting tea with flowers is an ancient one. The first reports of the practice come from the time of the Song Dynasty in China (960-1279), and became widespread in the time of the flower-loving Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The method used today is similar to the techniques developed so long ago. Once the jasmine flowers start blossoming they’re laid upon the green tea until their scent is imparted onto the leaves. The tea is monitored carefully to make sure that the jasmine aroma is kept at just the right level, and once the perfect balance is achieved the flowers are plucked off. The tea is then fired again to finish, and then it’s ready to drink.

While jasmine may be the most famous of the scented teas, it’s far from the only one. Rose, lavender, and chrysanthemum-scented teas have long been popular in China. You’ll find Jasmine Green in our Original, Gourmet, Whole Leaf Organics, and loose leaf lines. As the winter melts away into spring, now is the perfect time to enjoy these exquisite floral teas.

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