Staff Favorites: Genmaicha

  • August 27, 2009

One of the best things about working here at Choice Organic Teas is the sheer range of teas we get to try. There’s a tea here to fit every taste, and we drink them all. The spectrum of teas that we offer means that every employee has a different favorite. And like any tea drinker, we’re passionate about our favorites. So each month, we’re going to have one of us here at Choice Organic Teas talk a little about our favorites and what they mean to us.

This month we’re featuring Ray Lacorte, our Head of Operations. Ray keeps the company running from day to day, making sure that everything here is going smoothly. He had this to say about his favorite tea, Genmaicha- Green Tea with Toasted Brown Rice.

genmaicha“I find Genmaicha to be my comfort drink of choice. Genmaicha is rejuvenating as much as it is soothing. Like a nice yoga session, Genmaicha aligns me mentally and physically.

Whether it is paired with morning toast or the evening’s main course, Genmaicha provides a perfect complement to any meal. With its subtle vegetal flavor, coupled with a familiar roasty flavor from the toasted brown rice, Genmaicha can also be enjoyed by itself.”

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