Tisane Time

  • January 11, 2010

I get a lot of questions here about caffeine – how much is in a cup of this or that, which tea has the most or the least, and how it compares to a cup of coffee. I answered some of the more detailed questions about caffeine in the past. However, at this time of year with New Year’s resolutions fresh in everyone’s minds, I’m being asked about which teas of ours are completely caffeine-free. The answer? Our tisanes!

What’s a tisane? Simply put, a tisane is an herbal infusion made with anything but tea – an herbal tea. The word comes from the Greek πτισάνη, ptisanē, which was a drink made with pearl barley. These days a tisane can be just about anything as long as it doesn’t contain the Camellia sinensis plant. Most of the time, although not always, a tisane contains no caffeine, since it’s made with herbs and leaves which are naturally free of caffeine. (The big exception to this rule is our Yerba Maté, which is made from a South American leaf that does naturally contain caffeine.)

Tisanes also offer an opportunity for unique tastes and flavors. Our Liquorice Peppermint makes a wonderful after-dinner calorie-free dessert option thanks to the liquorice root, which brews up naturally sweet, while a pitcher of iced Northwest Blackberry is the best thing on a summer’s day. A personal favorite of mine is Lemon Lavender Mint, because I absolutely love anything with lavender in it, and the flavor profile is pretty unique.

And speaking of the New Year and tisanes, we’re always looking for new blends. What new tisanes would you like to see from us?

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